Sunday, February 05, 2006

100 Films -- Days 24 through 31

Sorry again for the long delay. Because of a recent life-changing event, I thought about scrapping this project. With all of the thoughts and prayers of family and friends, there is a temporary solution (starting tomorrow), so I'm going forward.

I took an involuntary break for a few stunned days, but on Wednesday I saw To Be or Not to Be. Friday night's film was Chinatown. I watched Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song on Saturday afternoon, then Mrs. Kaiju and I spun the DVD of Shaun of the Dead. This afternoon we saw The Third Man, and this evening I watched Sunrise. Sunrise has some great tracking shots and visual effects, including one matte shot that I didn't think was possible in 1927. What a beautiful film!

I caught up a bit this weekend, so I am only five movies behind schedule. Somehow I need to pick up the pace.


KennKongGittes said...

Shaun of the Dead. Did you watch it on DvD, so you could see the extended explanations of the 'plot holes'? Very amusing.

Chinatown. Don't you just want to eat fish with the heads still on them, washing them down with a cool glass of iced tea? Eh, kitty-cat?

Chinatown is one of my all-time favorite movies. It is so well-crafted, it all makes perfect sense during the viewing (I've probably seen this movie ten times). A few days later, and I can't tell you what the hell is going on in the movie, other than what the shocking revelation is at the end and that at one point a bunch of sheep are involved.

Townsend is a master craftsman.

Kaiju said...

I saw it on DVD, but we didn't watch any of the special features. I'll have to get it again.

I've never seen Chinatown all the way through until now. That's a great flick. There's a lot of stuff happening in there so I can tell it will reward repeat viewings. Good stuff.