Sunday, June 18, 2006

Get the Led Out

When I was growing up and I would hear Led Zeppelin, the most prominent instrument I heard was the genius guitar work of Jimmy Page. In the last few years, the most prominent feature of Led Zeppelin for me has been the genius drumming of John Bonham (see When the Levee Breaks, Fool in the Rain, Kashmir and Moby Dick, specifically).

And if you ever get the chance, check out Dread Zeppelin.


Buck "Black Dog" Mulligan said...

Satev, today I comment with tears of joy in my eyes.

There is so much depth in their music, you can continue to unlock stuff for years. I agree with your highlights, of course, and would add Achilles' Last Stand (for pure stamina and intensity) and Good Times, Bad Times as well.

Have you seen the DVD from about two years ago. Phenomenal live footage.

We need to spend more time discussing this. E.g., I think Presence and Physical Graffiti are vastly underrated.

lolo said...

Hi Steve,

Fool in the Rain rocks! The drumming is amazing. Your blogs are great!

Love, Lolo