Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Getting ready for Gen Con

Sorry about the long pause here. The last few weeks have just flown by.

This week is Gen Con prep. It's not so much that I have to prep something to bring to Gen Con, but "prep" as in information gathering. I try to find all the press releases about new games, con exclusives and other swag.

There are only a few things I am planning to get while I'm there -- a discount factory-second Chessex mat, a coffee cup of cheap random Chessex dice, at least one indie RPG from The Forge, goodies from Titan's Buy One Get Three Free table...I'm sure I am forgetting something. Mostly I like to flip through books and look at minis that I can't see in the local shops.

I also want to look through the OOP and used bins for discounted minis and RPG products. I wonder if the availability of OOP materials in PDF format has done anything to the used gaming market. I know Titan Games is doing more business in used video games, and it appears (on the floorplan, anyway) that Crazy Egor's booth is smaller this year...

This might be my last post before Gen Con...if so, see you next week for the wrap-up!

Update: I just read that Green Ronin will have several discount bundles at their Gen Con booth, including:
"Ancient World Campaign Bundle: You get Testament, Trojan War, and Eternal Rome for only $30."

I bought Testament from them last year for $10, but getting the other two for $30 is still a deal.

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