Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pirates of the Spanish Main: The RPG

I flipped through a copy of this game on Friday. Nice hefty hardcover, full color, glossy...very very nice. It's based on the WizKids ship minis game. I'll pick it up sometime. If the design of this book is any indication, Pinnacle's Solomon Kane RPG will be very sharp, too. At least I hope so.


Big D said...

PEG's games are usually well done. I'm curious if Shane had a direct hand on this one with any writing.

kennkong said...

When will you be running this game? I'll have three peg legs and a blunderbuss. Plus, I'll play a pirate in your game.

Kaiju said...

D: The only writing credit I can find for it on the internets is for Wiggy. I know he and Shane are supposed to be co-writing Kane.

Kenn: Didn't you have a monkey riding a parrot? Or a parrot riding a monkey?

This book is pretty cool, but I'm more interested in Freeport.

kennkong said...

Technically, it's a lemur. A parrot-riding lemur.

With bionic enhancements and Duh-Bloonz.