Thursday, June 07, 2007

Trek Remastered -- catching up

I haven't posted anything about recent Trek episodes in quite some time. Here's a list of them:
  • "Errand of Mercy" - 05/12 - The Organians impose peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.
  • "Patterns of Force" - 05/19 - The Nazi episode.
  • "Shore Leave" - 05/26 - Be careful what you think comes to life.
  • "Bread and Circuses" - 06/02 - The Roman Empire episode.

It's interesting that the "costume" episodes were all bunched together: "A Piece of the Action", the Chicago gangster ep, was on the last weekend of April.

I was pleasantly surprised by a couple of these shows. I forgot how good they are. "Errand..." and "Patterns..." have some good Kirk and Spock dialogue, and "Bread..." has great Spock and McCoy scenes that highlight their grudging friendship. And regardless of how preposterous the setup may be, "Patterns..." and "Bread..." are great stories.

This weekend: "Spock's Brain".

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KennKong said...

Brain and brain, what is brain?

"The brain, the brain, oh what does it mean?
Five simple letters, but letters so keen.
The brain, sweet brain, sometimes it hurts my head, but without my brain, I bet I'd be dead.
The brain is as high, as high as the sky, except for my hair.
It just ain't fair.
Fools like me can write about the brain, but I'm not Spock either, I'm going insane."--Leonard Nimoy's "I'm Not Paris, Either"