Friday, February 01, 2008

Why not a Queen rock opera/musical?

Earlier this week, I heard two Queen songs on the radio in the same day, then the next day I saw two commercials in a row that used Queen music. The idea popped into my head:

"Why hasn't there been a musical -- or "rock opera" -- using Queen's music?"

Their music was huge in scope, and Freddie Mercury was a big fan of opera, anyway. It's a natural. If they could make a musical out of Abba songs (which was good, by the way), or Billy Joel (blah...), then where's the love for Queen?

Well, someone else already had my bright idea. Evidently there has been a musical produced and performed all over the world. It played in Vegas in 2006 and ran in Chicago in April-May of '07. I had no idea.

But I suppose I can pat myself on the back because they used my idea for "Bohemian Rhapsody" as the finale. What else?

Speaking of Queen, about ten years ago I heard that (soon-to-be-Dr.)Brian May was a big Warhammer 40,000 fan. He'd play with his kids. Same with Robin Williams, too -- he had an Eldar army at that time. Looks like he's switched to online gaming.


Big D said...

Any other Queen related questions, my son? I can probably answer them. I even found and bought the Starfleet album Brian cut with the Van Halen boys.

Or Blue Oyster Cult questions. I have those answers, too.

Kaiju said...

If I have any, I'll ask you first. : )

I know you're the man with the BOC answers, no question about it.

Big D said...

There's been complaints about BOC that they've left their old ways, what with parting with their manager/producer who wrote a lot of the old songs. However, they've put together a few good songs on the past few albums that still cater to the horror (monster) genre.

And the fact that their bassist from the early 2000s is now the Queen an interesting note, methinks.

Your Best Friend said...

I had that same idea circa 1998 - Kong will verify. It's a good one.

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