Monday, November 17, 2008

Shiner Bock now available in Indiana

"Schlitz didn't pay a penny for this endorsement - and probably won't. R.E.H."

Earlier in the year I had been searching around for stores carrying Shiner Bock, a beer brewed in Shiner, Texas. It's sort of an "unofficial" favorite beverage of Robert E. Howard fans.

So I was surprised when this weekend, at the grocery store, I happened to look in the beer aisle and saw Shiner's Bohemian Black Lager and Hefeweizen on the shelf. Today I confirmed that Shiner started selling in Indiana about two months ago.

But if you plan to imbibe while you're at Howard Days in Cross Plains, deep in the heart of Texas, remember that Callahan County is a dry county.

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VikingMoose said...

okay - that's really cool!