Friday, May 01, 2009

RPG setting ideas -- Freeport in space

File this under "Why didn't I think of this before?": Freemoon

This would be especially effective if you set it in our own solar system with Pluto standing in as "Freemoon".


edige23 said...

If you're suggesting Pluto Nash the RPG, I'm going to have to drive over there and put a stop to this.

the D said...

Sure, could be done, but isn't there enough source material out there between Star Wars, Traveller, and Serenity?

Pirates in space can be fun, I've done such a thing with the Star Wars universe. I doubt I'd ever use the known universe, though.

I don't know Pluto Nash, so I can't back edige up on this one.

Kaiju said...

I understand what you mean, D, but I think the epiphany for me was the Lovecraftian horror/pirates angle as in Freeport mixed with sci-fi. Or Far Future Call of Cthulhu.

Now, Pluto Nash... that's real horror.