Saturday, April 03, 2010

Wizards of the Coast embraces their heritage

Many product announcements came out of last week's GAMA Trade Show. The ones that I'm most excited about were from, surprisingly, Wizards of the Coast. Based on some of their products announced for this year I think they're starting to understand the hook of nostalgia and the surging OSR movement.

September sees the release of another D&D 4th ed. starter set, but this one looks like a clone of the iconic '80s "Red Box" Basic Set. If this turns out the way I imagine, I'm all over it.

Castle Ravenloft, a co-op adventure board game, is out for Gen Con. They should have done this long ago.

Gamma World returns in a series of books using the 4e rules. I didn't think I would see that again.


miakoda said...

I have that Red Box set somewhere, I think. Though the fill-in dice are somewhere in the rest of the dicebag these days.

And I'm pretty sure I know someone who'll be interested in Castle Ravenloft... :)

mrfenris said...

I had that. A blue one and a turquoise one?

Ha! I just remembered I drew a picture of Robocop in my old Ad&D hardcover.

Blah. They get no money from me until they re-release Star Frontiers.

Kaiju said...

The blue box was the Expert Set, and the turquoise box was the Companion Set ("Geek Check!!").

I don't know about SF from WotC, but here's the next best thing: