Thursday, January 06, 2011

Best DVDs of 2010

I didn't personally see enough of the films or DVDs/Blu-rays released last year to competently comment on the best of the year. I'll leave that to the professionals:

Adam Jahnke's "The Best Discs of 2010"

Adam Jahnke's Best and Worst Films of 2010

DVD Savant Picks the Most Impressive Discs of 2010

2010: The Year They Finally Got Blu-ray Right

And a bonus: DVD Savant's 2011 DVD Wish List

After a couple of years with few real gems, it's heartening to see so many great discs released in the year that streaming video was labeled "the death of the disc".

To any "Best of 2010" DVD list I would add Vampire Circus and The Green Slime (Stuart Galbraith IV's review), but that's just me.


Dawg said...

Great lists, Steve. I'm going to tackle my favorites (see how I do that - if you call them "favorites" instead of "top picks," "best," etc., no one can really argue with you) in 2010 cinema soon, but tackling my favorite 2010 music is enough for one day. If I think too hard, I start writing in parentheses (a lot)! I'll try to make more relvant comments soon.

Dawg said...