Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy 80th Birthday, William Shatner!

I've been woefully behind on my blog reading and blog posting for over a week now. A double whammy of flu and an important project deadline has keep me from the interwebs. I almost neglected to post something for both William Shatner's birthday and International Talk Like Shatner Day:

VIDEO: Celebrities Honor Talk Like William Shatner Day

80 Reasons Why William Shatner Is Awesome

See Winners & Finalists For Int’l Talk Like William Shatner Day Video Contest

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Dawg said...

It goes without saying that he's the best-looking 80 year-old person I've seen, and, yes, that includes Dick Clark. I can't believe he's 80. SHATNER is the most interesting man in the world. He would be in touch with his feminine side - if he had one.