Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Elisabeth Sladen, RIP

We learned today (thanks to Norbert) that Elisabeth Sladen, who portrayed Sarah Jane Smith on Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Chronicles, passed away at the age of 63.

There have been a number of obituaries and tributes posted, all of which do more justice than I could. You will find that the thread running though all of them is her graciousness, talent, humor and class, and the genuine affection for her from the fans and those who worked with her.

** Update: these three are some of the more touching tributes on the web **
Newsarama: Elisabeth "Sarah Jane" Sladen, Queen of Companions, RIP

Kasterborous: Elisabeth Sladen

Kasterborous: Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith




http://www.kasterborous.com/2011/04/elisabeth-sladen-rip-1948-2011/ (includes video tributes)


Many Who fans talk about "their" Doctor--the actor they grew up watching. I remember watching Doctor Who on WTTW-11, the PBS station in Chicago. I saw some of the later Jon Pertwee episodes, most of the Tom Baker episodes and Peter Davidson shows, and a handful of the Sylvester McCoy shows. Tom Baker's first episode, "Robot", might have been my first. My favorites were Pertwee and Baker, and Baker was always "my" Doctor. Sarah Jane was almost everyone's favorite Companion.

Elisabeth Sladen and Third Doctor Jon Pertwee
Elisabeth Sladen and Fourth Doctor Tom Baker

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