Thursday, September 22, 2011

Out-of-print DVDs through the Warner Archive

One of the new releases from the Warner Archive made-on-demand DVD program last week was the Hammer "space western", Moon Zero Two. In addition to having another Hammer film available, this is also significant because it had been previously released on DVD several years ago, on a Warner Sci-Fi Double Feature disc along with the Hammer prehistoric epic When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth. This DVD went out-of-print quickly, presumably because of an incorrect rating.

The set of new releases for this week include several more Warner Brothers titles that had been previously released on DVD, including more from the Warner Sci-Fi collection. A few weeks back Akira Kurosawa's Dreams went up on the Archive.

It appears that WB is moving toward using the Archive as a way to re-release catalog DVD titles that have gone out-of-print. With any luck, that means we'll see Dinosaurs... on disc again. It's too bad that they aren't being given a regular DVD release, but the made-on-demand discs are so much better than not being available at all.


Anonymous said...

And maybe even "Wizards & Warriors!" Come on, there must be lots of people still wanting to get a good copy of thus obscure before-its-time campy TV series starring Duncan Regehr? Let them know it!

Kaiju said...

@Anon: It was produced by WB TV, so there's a chance. The best method for inquiries/suggestions for the WAC is their Facebook page.

Shadow Rider said...

I spoke to WB years ago about W & W I wanted to get copies for conventions. They said if I was connected with an actor, they would convert the tapes to dvds for the cost, which was a couple thou.
So they are open to access, but you gotta pay!

Kaiju said...

Their stated goal is to make as much of their back catalog available as possible, and they've already put out some obscure titles. Pending any rights issues, chances are good.