Friday, October 21, 2011

Brainstorming a list of game management ideas

The following are the total contents of a Word file titled "General Game Ideas" from my RPG folder. The file is dated New Year's Eve, 2006. I think I just started free-typing and this was the result: 
  • Get agreement from the group (vote?) concerning character danger/death
  • Character background as ~3 Hooks
  • Request for “what the player considers a good role-playing experience”
  •  Request for “what the player wants for his/her character”
  • Request for “what sorts of events and encounters the player wants in the game”.
  • Request for “what sorts of events the player doesn't want to see.”
  • Have two or three scenarios prepared before each session.  Tell players that they can go anywhere, but if they go too far on a tangent, then ask for time to prepare.
  • Create 10-20 cool set pieces or locations that come immediately to mind in the campaign world.
  • For the beginning of the game:
    • Have the players point to a spot on a map to begin.
    • Have the players decide how they want to begin.

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