Friday, December 23, 2011

Five golden links

How BIG are gold pieces? (includes pictures)

James Bond retrospective: Goldfinger (1964)

Unsafe at any level: XP for gold

Tales of the Gold Monkey episode guide and photos

Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine

OK, here's a bonus link... you've been good this year.

D&D gold statue treasure image search


Simon Forster said...

Tales of the Gold Monkey is great!

Kaiju said...

I loved it when it first aired. I still need to get the complete series DVD set.

Victor Von Dave said...

Cool on your bonus link you get a pretty neat mix of pictures, including the classic adventurers drooling over treasure illustration by Trampier and a really sweet dragon's hoard diorama made out of Lego.

Kaiju said...

@Victor Von Dave: I was expecting one thing with that search, and I got a bunch of weird and wonderful stuff. Glad you liked it!