Thursday, October 03, 2013

Campaign ideas and gamer ADD

I'm not really set to start up a new face-to-face in-person RPG campaign any time soon, as much as I might like to (I do want to start up a short G+ Hangouts game). In spite of that, like any GM I am always thinking about "that next game", finding inspiration in multiple sources, and having dozens of campaign ideas swirling around in my head, some more nebulous than others.

Here's an attempt at putting these in a list and out of my brain:
  • converting 40K/Dark Heresy/Deathwatch and/or Shadowrun to Fate Accelerated
  • Night's Black Agents -- Jason Bourne vs. the vampire conspiracy
  • Hyborian Age of Conan
  • 1920s/30s Call of Cthulhu in "pulp action" mode
  • Solomon Kane-style globetrotting horror-fantasy in the 1590s/1600s
  • Montgolfier Brothers -- light-hearted picaresque adventures by balloon before the French Revolution
  • Hammer Horror/Ravenloft/Warhammer horror-fantasy mash-up in a cinematic alt-Europe
  • X-COM/STALKER -- War against the alien invaders and the search for littered alien technology
  • Some sort of near-future transhuman sci-fi game set in our Solar System (riffing on Jovian Chronicles, Eclipse Phase, CthulhuTech, with doses of Firefly and Heavy Metal)
  • It might be fun to run a Western campaign...
  • The Day After Ragnarok -- Post-apocalyptic 1948 after the Midgard Serpent is killed with the Trinity Device.

That should be all for the moment, until the next cool thing I see.

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Trey said...

All of those sound good to me.