Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Happy Birthday, Ishirō Honda

With the new Godzilla film opening next week, it's only fitting to honor the director of the original, Ishirō Honda (1911-1993), on the anniversary of his birth.

Honda (left) demonstrates the operation of a Godzilla puppet for close-up shots to Akira Kurosawa during the filming of Gojira (1954).


Trey said...

I had completely forgotten Kurosawa's involvement!

Kaiju said...

They both came up through the ranks of assistant directors around the same time, and Honda helped Kurosawa on some of his later films.

The book The Emperor and the Wolf has some fascinating details about the Japanese studio system at that time.

Carl Man said...

Missed this birthday. Although Mr. Honda's legacy is still felt today, with the recent Godzilla movie and everything else. Bless his soul.