Tuesday, November 15, 2005

RPG theory for everybody

It's been a long time since I posted something new here. My apologies, I've been taking care of Mrs. Kaiju post-op. She had sinus surgery, and it went very well. With luck she will be out sick much less often.

There is a link on Ogrecave.com to some great common-sense RPG theory articles. Take a look.


LeRoi Du Castile said...

Here's my theory: shut up and play. Honestly, I've tried to access this stuff three times now and the only thought I can conjure up is, when do either of these two loons find time to actually play? They've expended so much effort on gobbledeegook about the hows/whys, when are they simply doing it? I bet these guys are great fun to sit at the table with.


I mean, when you're hip deep in orc blood and Neo-otygh offal, you don't have time to ponder if you'd prefer to influence the DM's decisions on whether or not the purple glass in the corner is truly purple or blue, you've got at least four treasure types to sort through and someone has to check the room for S-doors, you know what I mean? To hell with whether or not your a simulationist or a gamerationist or a feminist or a publicist: you have got 2000gp and a 100gp bag, YOU do the math.

And those electrum pieces aren't going to carry themselves out (Baba Yaga's Hut/portable holes not withstanding).

What was the question?

Kaiju said...

I should have been more clear -- the essays that I meant were the ones by Vincent Baker. Ron Edwards has some good things to say but his work can be a bit obtuse.

Strap on your girdle of giant strength, lace up your boots (high, hard), and start swingin' that +5 vorpal sword!!