Monday, October 31, 2005

100 Film List...So Far.

I've been asked a lot of questions about the list. This challenge, or experiment, is a way for me to catch up on movies that I should have already seen, or those that need a refresher viewing, in the least amount of time. It isn't a marathon of watching just any old movies, but classics.

I'll make a list of around 150 titles so I don't run into problems with availability. At the request (nay, demand) of the Halloween Boo Crew, here is the unofficial working list so far:

Bottle Rocket
The Warriors
The Asphalt Jungle
La Dolce Vita
The Searchers
Modern Times
or The Gold Rush
On the Waterfront
The Bicycle Thief
Sunset Boulevard
The Bad and the Beautiful
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Jules and Jim
8 ½
Blue Velvet
Taxi Driver
A Night at the Opera
The Seventh Seal
The Sweet Smell of Success
Double Indemnity
Touch of Evil
The Graduate
The Wild Bunch
The Rules of the Game
The Lady Eve
Mean Streets
The Third Man
The Conformist
To Be or Not to Be
Do the Right Thing
Un Chien Andolu
and L’ Age D’Or
Pickup on South Street
Mildred Pierce
Tokyo Story
The Last of the Mohicans
It Happened One Night
Five Easy Pieces
The Night of the Hunter
Sullivan’s Travels
The Last Picture Show
The Verdict
Written on the Wind
Woman of the Year
or Adam’s Rib
The 400 Blows
Battleship Potemkin
Detour or D.O.A.
Grand Illusion
Le Samouraï
All That Heaven Allows
Cat People
Duel in the Sun
The Fall of the Roman Empire
Gun Crazy
High Sierra
Key Largo
Leave Her to Heaven
The Magnificent Ambersons
The Man with the Golden Arm
Meet Me in St. Louis
The Naked Kiss
or Shock Corridor
The Public Enemy
Scarlet Street
or Spies
The Eiger Sanction
Three Days of the Condor
The Exorcist
The Philadelphia Story
Of Mice and Men
The Scarlet Letter
Interview with a Vampire
La Strada
Eyes without a Face

Billy Jack
Seven Days in May
The Manchurian Candidate
12 Angry Men
Dangerous Liasions
Dog Day Afternoon


KennKong said...

Great start on the list, my friend. The list... The list is good. The list is life.

Let's list again, like we did last we did last year. What?

Good deal - I'm very interested in hearing your comments on The Magnificent Ambersons and Shock Corridor.

You gotta lot on the list I should see sometime, too.

I assume your Breathless refers to the original. Does your Cat People as well?

You know, Stagecoach and The Searchers are great films, but at the risk of doing it again, I think The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance should be on the list before them (unless you've seen it recently).

And not a single Leone film on this list....yet. Hmmmmm.

I can't wait until you finalize it, because I want to use it myself!

Buck Mulligan said...

YES! Glad to see you ranked Bottle Rocket at #1. Because you didn't say "in no particular order" then I can assume that you ARE ranking these in a particular order.

So if I understand this correctly, it's a race to see who can watch the most movies?

Kaiju said...

Kenn -- yes, originals on Breathless and Cat People. CP is in that new set of Val Lewton DVDs that I'll have to pick up at some point.

I saw Liberty Valance again in college, but I've never seen Stagecoach and not all of The Searchers.

No Leone films, because I've seen the major ones in the past 15 years or so. Scratch that -- I could include For a Few Dollars More, can't remember when I last saw that one.

Buck -- The "in no particular order" is silent.

There is no order because it will be based on availability, not knowing which ones will be in. I'll have the list to choose from each time I hit the video store/library, which will be...every 3 or 4 days, at this rate.

Buck Mulligan said...

So Bottle Rocket is still ranked #1.

Dawg said...

Steve, Steve. Please, please put a Jarmusch film. If not Dead Man, then Ghost Dog.

Glad to see The Exorcist is in there. The power of Christ compels you...

Kaiju said...

Or Mystery Train? I haven't seen any of those, so they are possibilities.

Have you ever seen the doc about Lee Marvin by John Boorman? Boorman interviews Jarmusch, who reveals that he and some friends put together a club called the Sons of Lee Marvin. They even had ID cards.

Dawg said...

Mystery Train isn't bad, but it's not the tour de force that Dead Man and Ghost Dog are.

Anonymous said...

Interesting aside concerning Boorman: he was trying to get a LotR film off the ground, but ended up doing Excalibur instead, because Baskhi had the rights to LotR tied up.

KennKong said...

Oops. That's my Boorman comment