Sunday, October 09, 2005

100 Films in 100 Days

I had this idea hit me early this morning. There are still too many movies that I haven't seen, but whenever I think about what I should watch, I freeze. I really should make a list of outstanding films missing from my viewing resume. Not only that, but it's difficult to make time for movies lately.

As a solution, I had this flash of inspiration: 100 Films in 100 Days. This is different than some other movie-viewing plans, like watching all of the AFI Top 100 over time. To get in a large number of movies in a short time, I'll challenge myself to get them in within a time limit. There will be days that I won't have time to watch one -- game nights, for example -- so I'll allow myself to catch up on other days, like weekends. The important part is watching all the films within the time limit.

Right now I think New Year's Day would be a good start date. It would give me some time to compile a list and the holidays will be over. The list will be made up from movies I have never seen or movies that I haven't seen in 15+ years (since high school) and I need to watch again.

I told Mrs. Kaiju about my plan at lunch, and she thinks that the experience would make a good book. Maybe... More about this later.


KennKong said...

Interesting. That's a tall order to fill, even with "catching up" on weekends.

I think you have to write a review of each one as you view it, here on this site, though.

I look forward to your seeing the list.

lolo said...

Hi Kaiju!

Thank you for mentioning me on your site. I think you are very creative! I look forward to helping you with your book!

Mrs. Kaiju

Buck Mulligan said...

Where's the list, kayju?