Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Build your own Weathertop ruin

I've mentioned Hirst Arts before. They produce molds for casting plaster terrain pieces, which is a great idea. A company by the name of Castle Kits is a licensed seller for Hirst Arts. Here's the cool part: Castle Kits sells the pre-cast pieces as kits, so you can skip the tedious casting portion and go right to the fun part -- building and painting!

Castle Kits just announced two new kits, the Tower of Amon Sul and the Ruins of Weathertop. The painted examples are beautiful.


KennKong said...

This stuff is so cool. If I had more time, I'd buy up one of each of their molds and make scenery all day long.

Cool stuff. And the Castle Kits make it too easy. I'm losing money not buying them.

Kaiju said...

Quite right. Putting together something with 600+ pieces might take a while, but I'd rather do that than cast each one first. That would be a big roadblock for me.

KennKong said...

It's so easy, yet so time consuming....and then you gotta paint the damn things. Ah, to have had such power twenty years ago....Who am I kiddin', I still got fantasy figs unpainted from when I was in 7th grade. Yikes!