Tuesday, March 14, 2006

100 Films -- The End...?

I discussed this with Mrs. Kaiju this weekend, and I decided that it would be best to stop the 100 Films project right now. I have plenty of other things that I should be working on right now and making time to watch movies isn't one of them. Things were different when I planned to do this months ago and I didn't expect to be where I am at the moment.

In the final tally, I saw 48 films in 63 days. The only one missing from the list I posted last Monday is the final film, Bottle Rocket (Buck Mulligan should be happy to hear that).

I can't really complain. I had the chance to see 48 classic movies that I might not have made the time to see otherwise. I'm just disappointed because I started something (again) that I was not able to finish.

I'd like to thank those people who have put in their comments on this site for their support. I hope you have found my scribblings interesting or at least amusing.

This isn't the end of the blog. I started writing these entries before this project, and I'll continue when I can. I have many other topics I would like to write about. I would also like to comment further about some of the films I watched but didn't go into depth about. Also, I am sure that I will watch the movies that I didn't get to yet, on a more relaxed schedule, and make some comments about them here.


Buck Mulligan said...

Too bad...or is it?

So what are your thoughts on Bottlerocket?

KennKong said...

It was an admirable attempt...but as you know, I always thought you tried to go a film too far.

Have you seen Dawn of the Dead (remake) yet?