Monday, March 06, 2006

100 Films -- Past the Half-way Point

Here's an update on what I've seen so far and where I'm at regarding the timing. The list is in order from the start until now.

Stalag 17
(These two are bonus "freebies". I restarted the following weekend)

The Warriors
The Killing
On the Waterfront
The Big Heat
Dog Day Afternoon
It Happened One Night
12 Angry Men
Easy Rider
High Noon
The Philidelphia Story
Sunset Boulevard
The Bicycle Thief
Roman Holiday
The Sweet Smell of Success
The Last Picture Show
To Be or Not to Be
Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song
Shaun of the Dead
The Third Man
The Seventh Seal
Meet Me in St. Louis
Grand Illusion
Scarlet Street
Zorba the Greek
The Bad and the Beautiful
Strangers on a Train
Anna Karenina
The Manchurian Candidate
La Strada
Adam's Rib
All About Eve
The Public Enemy
Seven Days in May
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Modern Times
A Night at the Opera
Leave Her to Heaven
La Dolce Vita
The Night of the Hunter
8 1/2

47 movies in 61 days. Not bad, but I need to catch up eventually.

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