Friday, May 27, 2011

100 Years of Vincent Price

He certainly deserves more than just this brief posting, but I couldn't let the 100th anniversary of Vincent Price's birth go by without commemoration.

One of my favorite actors--and one of the greats from the second generation of horror movie icons, among such company as Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee (also born on May 27th). Price was born on this date in St. Louis, Missouri in 1911.

Cinema St. Louis has been celebrating this past week with their Vincentennial: exhibits of artifacts, artwork, lectures and presentations, and screenings of 20 Price films. Check out the program guide here.

I couldn't make it to the Vincentennial, but I could probably host a reasonable facsimile here in the Kaiju Lair with our collection of Price DVDs. I'll try to spin one over the holiday weekend--or check out a movie I don't have via streaming Netflix.

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Lori said...

Vincent Price was one of my favorite actors. Great post!