Monday, May 30, 2011

Another consideration for Conan RPG rules

I mentioned before that I have been looking at systems to use for a Hyborian Age campaign eventually; something that matches up to the weird pulp fantasy feeling one gets when reading Howard (and Lovecraft, and Smith, and Leiber...).

D. and I were talking recently about Labyrinth Lord, and I also want to check out OpenQuest. I need to investigate the damage dice variation for Action Cards, too.

Now, another possibility: Stuart at Strange Magic will be following up on his excellent Weird West RPG with Weird Fantasy. So many good choices!


Anonymous said...

Interesting, half of the systems you mention in the other post and the ones here I have never evenheard about. Personally I´d go with Savage Worlds but I believe you already checked that in your other article. It´s interesting how many different Pulp possibilities are around. I always wanted to GM a campaign in a world similar to Conan, but not Conan.

When you check all these systems out, will you share your view and opinion on ech and why you decided for/against it?

Chuck said...

I did a little thinking about doing a Conan or at least Conan style game too. I love Savage Worlds but personally I was thinking of doing a little modification to Green Ronin's Dragon Age RPG. Combat can be gritty and interesting and the magic isn't too over the top.

Kaiju said...

@chaosmeister - I've run SW one-shots twice: one was a Star Wars conversion, and one was a straight-up 1930s pulp scenario. I like SW, but I'm still looking at other systems too. I will definitely post more about it here. Thanks for reading!

@Chuck - Thanks for the suggestion! I've heard good things about DA, but I haven't read it yet. I'd like to take a look at the Free RPG Day quickstart rules and give it a try.

m.s. jackson said...

You thought of Barbarians of Lemuria ( It is modeled after weird pulp fantasy and is a great little game, with a kick butt magic system.

Kaiju said...

I know a bit about it, but I haven't read it yet. It's another system that I'd like to look at more closely. Thanks!