Monday, July 11, 2011

RPG blogger badges at Gen Con

There has been some discussion in posts and comments on several RPG blogs about meeting up in some way at Gen Con. I wondered about a way for bloggers to identify themselves in the crowds at the con. Some years back at an early G-Fest, one member of a Godzilla e-mail list generously offered to print up color badges for any list members who wanted one.

I thought about something like this, maybe using the RPG Blog Alliance logo. Sniderman from The Savage AfterWorld made the comment that he was incorporating his blog header image into the badge holder, which then gave me the idea for this:

I used plain paper as a test. For the real thing I might use thin cardstock and attach it with double-sided tape.

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Bonemaster said...

Interesting Idea. I wish I was going this year. I hoping to go again next year.