Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Dice Dice Baby

I haven't posted as much as I had intended to this week (not at all...), so I'll jump on the polyhedral bandwagon that Tim started over at Gothridge Manor. Here are two themed sets of dice from my collection for the "Show Me Your Dice Marathon".

I picked all but two of these d20s out of the Chessex dice-scoop bin at Gen Con several years ago. I wanted a set of "ugly" d20s to use for my True20 Freeport campaign. I only used the location die one time in a combat. We made up better damage effects on our own.

 This is my 40K dice cup. The red d6 brick for my Ork Speed Freek Pirates, and the grey and green brick for my Necrons. I also inherited some unit and vehicle condition dice from a friend and fellow player when he upgraded to markers from Gale Force Nine. I use the casino die as a turn marker, and the d4 is for tracking character wounds.


Tim Shorts said...

Thanks for joining in Kaijuville. What are those dice with the words on them in the 2nd picture?

Bard said...

Very nice set. I like the "ugly" d20s a lot.

Kaiju said...

Tim, those are unit and vehicle condition dice. I'm not sure which company made them. In Warhammer 40,000, troops can have different conditions like "shaken" or "broken", and vehicles take certain effects like "weapon destroyed" or "engine damaged". I put those dice next to the model.

Thanks for the fun post!

Bard, I do too! Only problem is that some are nigh-unreadable, like the "Oreo swirl" dice in the back of the pile.

The Angry Lurker said...

Nice dice, did the same.