Saturday, June 16, 2012

Free RPG Day 2012 downloads

Many of the publishers involved with Free RPG Day release PDF copies of their giveaway products during and in the week after the event. Here are the ones that I've found:
Other freebies:

  • Timeless Adventures: Pathfinder module "The Tribute" (free this weekend only)
  • Postmortem Studios: Irrepressible!, full game (today only)

I'll update this page as I find more.

Free RPG Day 2011 links here.


AGC Mags said...

Thank you!

Theodric the Obscure said...

Thanks! Very helpful. It seems like they did a better job of posting all the links in years previous.

scottsz said...

Thanks for those links. My FLGS totally bungled this.

Anonymous said...

Just want to say thank you for posting a link.

Dale McCoy
Jon Brazer Enterprises.