Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A thought about using WaRP for pulp sword-and-sorcery

The upcoming end of the semester is freeing up my mind to think about gaming (and posting here) again. Trey's recent post about using bits of Atlas Games' newly-OGL WaRP system in D&D got me thinking about how I could use it for running Conan/pulp fantasy/sword-and-sorcery.

I have a list of possibilities that I've been kicking around for far too long now, and I'll just add WaRP to the list. Traits in WaRP remind me of Aspects in FATE, which I've already considered incorporating for their method of building pulp storytelling right into the game mechanics. Maybe hybridize WaRP traits with the best part of D&D Next, Backgrounds and Themes.


Trey said...

I haven't seen the D&DNext playtest but I had wondered based on what I'd heard if it would be more amenable to hybridization based.

I think WaRP could handle a pulp thing pretty well. Robin Laws' Heroquest would be good too, though it's more "narrative" in its mechanics.

Kaiju said...

Just a guess on my part, but I assume 5e/Next will, based on the idea that it is (will be?) module-based... drop this part, add this one.

Although I haven't actually played Next yet, what I've read in the playtest docs has been encouraging.

Robert Parker said...

The Over the Edge system is pretty darn good, although combat needs a bit of work. Still, if you're looking for a "light and easy" ruleset, you could certainly do worse.