Wednesday, January 18, 2006

100 Films -- Days 11 through 13

No movie on Monday, instead we watched the Golden Globes (OK, we're award show junkies. If there is ever an Award Show Channel, we will be in trouble). I'm one day behind again.

Late Tuesday I watched D.O.A. It's a really great atmospheric flick, especially if you are a fan of film noir. It's not the typical noir, however. Much of it takes place in daylight! Admittedly I got a little lost with some of the twists, turns and names being thrown around. It's different, and well worth checking out.

Tonight we saw High Noon, which was excellent and much different than I expected. There are many different interpretations of the movie, but I think that it's powerful just taken at face value. It's a story about having the courage to do what's right, even if there is a much easier choice available, and this message still resonates today. Some of the dialogue could have been pulled from a modern movie, very timeless. Great camerawork and editing, too. There were a couple of scenes that I believe inspired Mel Brooks to parody in Blazing Saddles.

I suppose it's the mark of a good film to elicit strong emotion from the audience. In this movie, it was the indifferent townsfolk. They really made me mad!


Buck Mulligan said...


If you can't find a required flick on dvd, let me know and I'll put it in my Netflix queue for you. Or, of course, if it's something I own you're welcome to borrow.

Kaiju said...

Thanks, Buck. I appreciate it. After doing a bit more investigation this week, I think I should be set between the rental places and the li-bary for all my movie needs.

What do you think of Netflix so far?

My Friend NetFlicka said...

We just started, but it seems ridiculously easy to use, plus the selection is, apparently, unbeatable. And it's cheaper than Blockbuster Movie Pass.