Monday, January 09, 2006

100 Films -- Days 3 and 4, and Bond TV

I restarted the challenge on Sunday. I watched The Warriors (in between watching the conclusions of Diamonds Are Forever and Thunderball on AMC) yesterday and The Killing tonight. I'll have some commentary on these at some point.

Speaking of which...AMC is currently running a 24-hour-a-day Bond marathon. It's just too bad that AMC is a shell of what it used to be -- running commercials, full screen prints, and many movies that are hardly "classics". Oh well, at least Fox Movie Channel and Turner Classic Movies are really great. And I'll still tune in anywhere for Bond movies, even though I have all on DVD....There's something comfortably nostalgic about watching them on broadcast TV.


Gary Gygax said...

You are so right about AMC. I can't believe that they are jumping on the Bond-a-thon wagon. TBS did 008 days of 007 between Christmas & New Years. I'm kind of Bonded out. Losers.

The REAL E. Gary Gygax said...

Bond is back...and everybody wants him....DEAD....Sunday on ABC.

Kaij, you NAILED it. Every time a Bond movie is on, one must watch it. Even with commercials. Even with the dvd for the same movie sitting right there on the TV set. This rule also applies to Die Hard.

Dave Arneson said...

Precisely. Even if you're watching the DvD, pause it to check something, and find a Bond or Die Hard on TV, you must watch the TV version for a minimum of five minutes.

Same with Elvis movies. You just have to. It is natural law.