Monday, January 23, 2006

100 Films -- Days 17 and 18

Time for some European classics. On Sunday we watched The Bicycle Thief and tonight's movie was Breathless. These critically acclaimed films are milestones in cinema; the former the epitome of Italian Neorealism, the latter the beginning of the French New Wave.

I really liked both of these films. They are very European. Breathless is the sort of thing that I would think of if someone said the phrase "French film". They are very much of their time and place, yet also timeless and profound. Here I'm thinking particularly of Thief -- it doesn't conclude the way you would expect. Much like real life it just continues on. This is not a modern Hollywood movie where you know how it will turn out before the last reel. But that is OK, and there is a message there for those who look for it.

I'm very glad I finally got to see these movies, and both are highly recommended.

Still one day behind on viewings. I'll have to catch up this weekend.


Buck Mulligan said...

Anybody else having difficulty taking this film talk seriously when there's a head shot of Godzilla on this guy's profile?

And I mean this guy, not THIS GUY!

kaiju said...

That's not Godzilla, it's Gamera. Geez...

Gamera said...

Geek cheek.