Monday, September 10, 2012

Gen Con 2012 report, part 2

Following from Part 1.

We continued to wander the Exhibit Hall for a while, pausing to eat some of the snacks we brought along with us instead of taking time for a sit-down lunch. Eventually we made our way to the block of rooms on the second floor of the convention where the Writers' Symposium events take place. Mrs. Kaiju was scheduled for Mike Stackpole's "21 Days to Writing a Novel" seminar.

I went out to navigate the maze of rooms and low-ceiling hallways that is the Crowne Plaza Hotel, looking for the room for the RPG Blog Allance meetup. Jeff from RPGBA and The Bone Scroll was the moderator, although there wasn't a large unruly crowd to moderate -- myself, Nate from d20 Pirates, and Riley from Jeff discussed the origins of the RPGBA, site maintenance, and we spoke pretty generally about the state of RPG blogs. We hoped that there might be a better turnout the next time.

I returned to the con center to pick up Mrs. Kaiju, and toured part of the hall one last time. I had my Red Box Basic D&D books with me so I could get Frank Mentzer's autograph, although he wasn't at the OSR booth any of the times we walked by.  He probably spent most of his time at the auction area. Later we met up with some of our local gaming group friends at the Ram. We all had a great time and the food was decent.

After dinner, the Mrs. decided to crash, while I met up with another of my good local gaming friends, D., at the bar in the Marriott. He was playing Descent 2e with R. and J., two of his long-time gaming friends we meet at the con each year. I got in on the last game of the evening and then went back to the hotel.

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Thursday, September 06, 2012

South Bend Games Day

If you are in the Northern Indiana/Southwest Lower Michigan area, check out the activities planned so far for South Bend Games Day on October 13th. There are still a few open slots for GMs to run games. Games will open for players to sign up soon.