Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pacific Rim: full trailer

I posted the teaser video earlier yesterday, then at mid-day the official trailer was released. (more details at Wired)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Teaser Trailers: Star Trek Into Darkness and Pacific Rim

If there are two things that we like here at Kaijuville, it's kaiju and Star Trek. Last Thursday, the short teaser trailer for next year's Star Trek Into Darkness was released.

io9 has done a walk-through of the teaser, looking for clues about the plot. I've been keeping some distance from sources during the making of the film just to maintain some surprise. Even so, there's not much out there to go on. Klingons appear in the film, and we see some in this trailer. A standard trailer will be shown with The Hobbit, and the first 8 minutes of the film with The Hobbit in IMAX theaters.

Another highly-anticipated film for 2013 is Guillermo del Toro's giant robots vs. kaiju epic Pacific Rim. Two "viral video" teasers:

From what I understand, Pacific Rim will be a conventional action film and not a "found footage" movie.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Two rules-light 2d6 RPG systems

Boosting the signal here for anyone who hasn't seen these simple sets of RPG rules yet. Brendan posted a short and sweet fantasy game system with a 2d6 dice resolution mechanic, then Jack hacked it, adding more structure yet keeping it fairly light and easy.

Either one of these easy-to-run game systems would work out nicely for G+ Hangouts -- free to use, compact and easily expandable. Both iterations assume only "generic fantasy", and could easily accommodate pulp, sci-fi, historical, cyberpunk, and so on with a bit of tweaking. Both look like fun and a good start for building up something special.

I'd like to run a game over G+ hangouts at least once during the Christmas break and this 2d6 system is a strong contender. Now to decide what type of game and setting.

Update: Here's another hack of the system that lets you run games of Aliens against Predators.