Wednesday, May 23, 2007

RPG setting ideas -- Dungeon Crawl Classics

Time for another installment of "RPG settings I'm thinking about". The one I mentioned previously was the updated Freeport setting. Most of my thoughts about these things are tinted by a heavy dose of gaming nostalgia, and this installment finds me still in the throes of it.

Goodman Games started producing their Dungeon Crawl Classics modules shortly after the release of D&D 3.0. The main appeal of the line is nostalgia -- 1st Edition-style adventures, blue ink maps and new art by artists whose work appeared in the original D&D modules.

This is their first attempt at a DCC campaign, and also the first DCC boxed set. Look at the cover and the intent is obvious. It's a clear homage to the "Red Box" Basic Set and other TSR boxed sets from that era. Doesn't that just say "gaming goodness" to you? Good times...

DCC adventures are designed for D&D3.x/d20, but I think this one calls for a return to the '80s Basic Rules -- at least in spirit.


Anonymous said...

I've got an 8th level fighter/thief that is just waiting to tear into that. Should I come over before or after dinner tonight?

I'm considering scrapping 3.0/3.5 and going back to AD&D for my game (even though we've not played but the once a year or so ago). I'm not sure all that new 'stuff' is wholly necessary.

The simpler rules of yesteryear, but man were they fun.

Anonymous said...

That's fine with me. 3.0, 3.5, AD&D, rock-paper-scissors...whatever!

Anonymous said...

Then again, I picked up True 20 (haven't really dug into yet) based on SOMEONE'S review:)

But I'll admit it: the 'old habits die hard' path of least resistance seems to overwhelm me in this regard. and a little of 'if it ain't brokt, do what now?'

Hmmmmm....may have to 'disgust' this on saniterryphun.