Monday, June 27, 2011

The lost book of Almuric

Earlier this year, I saw a post on Paizo's blog listing items that were in short supply and soon to be sold out. One of the items on this list was the Planet Stories edition of Almuric, Robert E. Howard's sword-and-planet novella in the style of Burroughs. I thought to myself, "Self, you better get a copy before it goes out-of-print," so I ordered one from our local Barnes and Noble. It was a little shelf-worn but I was glad to have it.

This weekend, I was looking through a box of books that we had packed up last year when we painted the living room of the Kaiju Lair. I didn't find the book I was looking for, although there was something else--a minty-fresh brand new copy of the Planet Stories Almuric.

I think the lesson here is that I need to unpack and display my books. The only other time I remember this happening was when I accidentally purchased another copy of GURPS Egypt from the "3 for $10" shelf at the Adventure Gaming Retail booth at Gen Con a few years ago. You can never have too many GURPS sourcebooks, right?

Did you ever accidentally buy a book (gaming or otherwise) because you forgot that you already owned it?


Dawg said...

I have two copies of Bloom's "The Closing of the American Mind." I have no idea how I have two. I didn't even know I had two until I unpacked my books a few weeks ago. I must have packed them both, right?

I haven't bought too many duplicate copies of books, but what I have done is buy numerous audio cables, adapters, etc., that I didn't dig deep enough for. That drives me crazy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, now that I understand. You just know you have the cable you need, but you can't find it...


Lori said...

I think I have done that before. So, I can dog-ear and highlight the pages of one of your copies? ;) (I can almost hear you gasp!) Just kidding...I know better. Good topic.