Monday, March 18, 2013

Montgolfier Brothers Flying Balloon and Adventuring Co.

Elevator pitch for an RPG campaign.

Montgolfier Brothers Flying Balloon and Adventuring Co.

The Montgolfier Brothers have invented the passenger balloon, and they use it to travel widely and have adventures. Light-hearted picaresque romps through an alternate history in the vein of Baron Munchausen, the Three Musketeers, memoirs of Pre-Revolution France, Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines, and Monty Python.

 In December 1782, the Montgolfier Brothers made the first test flight of their hot-air flying balloon design. They successfully flew in a balloon on September 19th, 1783, during an audience with King Louis XVI. While aloft, the brothers' balloon disappeared behind a low veil of mist. They found themselves traveling through the aether and soon their balloon was gliding above the Pyramids of Egypt. Upon guiding the balloon back into a low cloud bank they were returned to Paris. Through a series of trial-and-error test flights and some mathematical calculations by their friend Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier at the Académie des sciences, the brothers could direct their flight's course -- often to a known destination, and occasionally to unknown and far-off lands.

The Montgolfier Brothers use their knowledge of ballooning through the aether -- accompanied by other like-minded individuals -- on missions of discretion for rich nobility, occasionally for the King, against rival British balloonists, and always, for adventure.

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