Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Blogging ideas for 2012

Following on from my final post of 2011, I wanted to mention some of the ideas I have for the blog, what to look for here in the new year, and some possible goals.

Design changes: Overall I'm pleased with the layout. I've mentioned before that I'd like to try some different color schemes to improve readability.

From the Dusty Shelf: I have been a Gamer (with a capital "G") for over 25 years, and I have quite a few favorites among the rulebooks and supplements on my shelf. Nothing that is extraordinarily rare, but some forgotten gems that are worth another look. This will be an irregular series of retrospective reviews taking a look at some of these items, their place in gaming history, and some ways that they could be used today.

In a similar vein, I have several file boxes of old gaming magazines, catalogs, product fliers, and convention programs. This year I am finally going to follow through with my plans to scan some of these items and post here to share. Timothy Brannan at The Other Side recently mentioned his idea to pull out some of the gems from early issues of White Dwarf. Maybe I can cover some of the later issues.

Rules for a Conan RPG: I've been considering rules systems that best emulate the pulp-horror-fantasy of the original stories. I need to take the time for a more detailed look at these, and I'll post my thoughts here.

Fantastic Four...From the Beginning: A couple of years ago, my sister- and brother-in-law gave me an Amazon gift card as a birthday present. I used it to pick up the Fantastic Four/Silver Surfer Complete Collection CD-ROM set, containing the complete run of FF up to the end of 2006.

Fantastic Four has always been my favorite superhero book (aside from Marvel Team-Up), particularly John Byrne's run in the '80s. Back when I was seriously collecting comics I tried to complete my collection of Byrne issues but never finished it. This CD-ROM gave me that and then some. I still haven't explored it all -- yet. This would be an irregular series of posts looking back at some of the best issues of the FF, with an eye for how well they work today, and maybe pulling out some ideas for RPGs at the same time.

Cult Classic of the Week: I want to get back into a regular schedule with my cult movie reviews. If not weekly, then at least two a month.

DVD/Blu-ray and book previews: I'll continue to post on upcoming discs and books of interest.

Play more. I'm intrigued by Gnome Stew's GM challenge New Year, New Game. I don't know if I will be in a position to start up and GM another regular campaign this year. However, there are plans for some of us to try new games in the form of "Run Club"-style one-shots. My main goal is to get more play time and to try new games.


Victor Von Dave said...

Looks like some cool stuff coming down the pipe.
I'm a huge fan of the Thing (and Dr. Doom obviously), so I'm looking forward to some FF posts. I never really read Marvel Team-Up, but liked the idea - I was obsessed with Marvel Two-in-One when I was younger (I think I still have most of them, which is a miracle considering how many times I've moved and the comic collection has been purged).

Kaiju said...

Marvel Two-in-One... that's great stuff, too. Love it!